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Flavel Contemporary inset Multi-Fuel

Flavel Fires is a brand that not only produces excellent quality products, but is also packed full of history and interest. We’re very happy to stock a range of Flavel Fires stoves at N.E. Stoves. 

Today, Flavel manufactures and distributes gas fires and multifuel stoves, however the company first started out in the times of William the Conqueror, in a very different business to now. 

In the mid-seventeenth century, William Flavel set up a gunpowder business in Warwickshire. This was successful, given that there was often conflict between Britain and other nations in this period of history.

Following a number of relocations, the business settled at the Eagle Foundry, Stoke on Trent, where Flavel Fires is still based today. At the time, the Eagle Foundry was the largest manufacturing site in the world of its kind. They produced kitchen ranges of varying sizes there, that went to both small cottages and huge palaces.

The product that really kickstarted the Flavel business was known as the “Patent Kitchener”, and was the first real dedicated cooking appliance. The company received countless awards for the product and continued to innovate and invent, becoming industry leaders for their cooking appliances. 

The Flavel factories assisted in the war efforts, producing cannonballs, munitions, and armoury. Usually though, the Flavel workforce would produce ornamental cast iron fireplaces, some of which were designed specifically for English aristocrats. 

In more recent times, the company went through a number of name changes and ownership changes, until in 2002 the Flavel name was re-attached to the company and has since become the supplier of great quality heating products that we know today as Flavel Fires.

Flavel Fires produce high quality products with affordability in mind. For example, the Flavel Arundel stove is popular, affordable, efficient and great to look at. With a large viewing window, the stove is easy to use and is cost effective too, with a useful energy efficiency of 76.3%. Available at N.E. Stoves. 

We also stock the Flavel Rochester multifuel stove. Classic design with a modern twist, crafted with high quality castings. This stove is suitable for smoke control areas and has a useful energy efficiency of 74.1%, which makes it ideal for medium to large rooms. 

Also available at N.E. Stoves is the Flavel No.2 Stove. This steel bodied stove is high quality and easy to operate, with a large viewing window. A useful energy efficiency of 78.2%, this multifuel stove can burn for up to 10 hours on a single filling, it’s also suitable for smoke control areas.
If you’d like any more information about Flavel Fires, or would like to enquire, please get in touch via: [email protected] or call 01287 651417

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