How Stoves are Becoming More Environmentally Friendly

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This year has made it apparent how much our environment is suffering with the effects of global warming and climate change. We’ve started thinking more about the future and how we can make changes to protect it.

Changes are happening everywhere, even in the stove industry. Here is a guide to environmentally conscious stoves.

DEFRA Approved Stoves

DEFRA stands for Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs. this is the Government department responsible for safeguarding the environment. they also take care of farming and rural industries.

A Defra Smoke Exempt Appliance is a stove that’s been tested and fits the Defra criteria for emission levels, and how much smoke it produces when in use. In smoke controlled areas, Defra approved stoves must be used. However they are encouraged no matter where you live as they’re a more environmentally friendly choice.

SIA Ecodesign Ready Stoves

The Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) Ecodesign Ready Scheme is recognised by Defra’s Clean Air Strategy, and is a mark awarded to wood burning stoves which meet five requirements covering efficiency and emissions. These five measures cover the seasonal efficiency of the stove, levels of particulate matter and organic gaseous compounds produced.

The scheme aims to highlight SIA Members’ commitment to designing stoves that are more efficient and produce less emissions in order to take better care of our environment.

At N.E. Stoves we stock a number of brands that have SIA Ecodesign Ready and Defra Approved Stoves. Including Henley Stoves, Westfire, Dean Stoves, and Burley.

Eco – Friendly Stoves at N.E. Stoves

Dean Stoves Croft Small Stove – This Defra approved stove features a log store beneath, so the stove itself is elevated for a clearer view. This stove’s contemporary design would suit any interior style.

Westfire Uniq 36 Stove – Westfire’s classic cylindrical design is not just easy on the eye, but on the environment too, being both Defra Approved and SIA Ecodesign Ready.

Henley Druid Freestanding Stove – Small but mighty, this stove provides heat to a whole room, looks great, and is Defra Approved.

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