Family Businesses

You may or may not know this already, but North East Stoves is a family-run business. Together we keep our company running like clockwork, from management to installation. We love working together as a family, and we think it gives us a real advantage and understanding of each other that allows us to complete work to the high standards that you see.

Did you know that more than 88% of private companies in Britain are family businesses? They’re an integral part of the UK economy, and are recognised internationally for their unique approach and successes. 

There’s been a lot of research and discussions into why family businesses seem to work so well. One of which is that leaders of family businesses have the extra commitment of taking care of the company for future generations, ensuring it’s in good shape when handing it over to their children. 

Furthermore, family businesses strike a good balance between tradition and modernity. Older members of the family with more experience are able to uphold the traditional values of the business, whilst younger generations can embrace technical advances and bring fresh ideas and techniques to the company.

Some of the UK’s biggest names are family-run businesses!

Specsavers was launched in 1984 by Husband and Wife Doug and Mary Perkins, with one shop on the island of Guernsey. Today, Specsavers is a familiar sight on most high streets, with over 1,300 branches across the UK and Europe. 

Founded by brothers Cyrus and James Clark in 1825, Clarks is one of the UK’s longest running family businesses. The company began in Somerset, where Cyrus and James used off-cuts of sheepskin to make slippers.

With products to be found in a huge amount of homes across the world, Dyson is one of the biggest family business names. Sir James Dyson founded the company in 1991, but it didn’t start with vacuum cleaners. Sir James was working on another product when he realised vacuums weren’t functioning well, and so began developing new technology. 

Working as a family certainly isn’t always smooth sailing, but we love working together and meeting new people each day. We’re inspired by the amazing family run businesses all across the country!

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